This space will provide you with links to earlier writings, as well as articles about stuff I may be connected with…. such as publicity, reviews, or citations. I’ll add more links as time allows.

Writings online:

MFA Thesis – Se(a) Crossings: Time in the midst of the pressures of chaos.

Foreign No More:
A Community College Group’s Voyage of Discovery of Citizenship in a Global Village

A Virtual Artistic & Cultural Exchange

Graphics in Paradise

Patterns of the Ancients: Fijian Tapa cloth A traditional art form meets 20th Century economics

Visual Language: A 19th Century Comet in Fiji


Presentation at League for Innovations 2012 conference in Philadelphia, PA, co-presenter

Moving from At-Risk to At-Promise


Various original work & collaborative presentations

Publicity, reviews, or citations

Ferris State University Announcement re Fulbright

Mott Community College professor Mara Jevera Fulmer heading to Russia as a Fulbright Program specialist

Mott Community College exhibit tells sagas of child survivors from former Soviet Union living in Genesee County


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